About Kata Kata

Kata Kata is an authentic African cartoon magazine with both online and printed versions. In a humorous way, Kata Kata tries to discuss and sensitize typical (African / global) socio – political and cultural issues. At the same time, it equally offers a maxim that life is perhaps not all about seriousness. One needs some laughs and relaxation to face serious challenges in life.

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TB Joshua: What Happens When the Gods Are Above the Law

tb joshua collapse“If you violate the laws of God, you're a sinner. If you violate the laws of men, you're a criminal. If you violate your own laws, you're pathetic.” ―...

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Will African Leaders Learn The Compaore Lesson?

sankara . compaoreFollowing the resignation of the military dictator-turned-politician and former Burkina Faso President, Blaise Compaore, on Friday after violent protests over...

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