About Kata Kata

Kata Kata is an authentic African cartoon magazine with both online and printed versions. In a humorous way, Kata Kata tries to discuss and sensitize typical (African / global) socio – political and cultural issues. At the same time, it equally offers a maxim that life is perhaps not all about seriousness. One needs some laughs and relaxation to face serious challenges in life.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua: to Sue the Master or Servant?

tb joshuaFollowing the collapse of the building of T.B. Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, two South Africans, who lost relatives as a result of the...

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Zimbabwean Chiefs Demand Share Of The National Cake From President Mugabe

zimbabwe cakeContrary to the see no evil, hear no evil relationship between President Mugabe and chiefs in Zimbabwe, the latter had recently given the president an...

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