Our Team


Drs. Ogo Ubabukoh

Art/Graphics Producer in – chief

Deogratius Okudi

Art/Graphics Assistant

Perminus Ngugi Kiira

Art/Graphics Manager (Website)

Perminus Ngugi Kiira

Cocab Tech Solutions (Web Design)

Editorial Advisory Board

Drs. Pieternel Drijvers, Drs. Ogu Okany,
Drs. Buchi Njere

Legal Consultants

Geoffrey Ntambirweki Kandeebe
Vivian Iro – Uchime (LLB, LLM)
Ebele Topman
Lyka Mtambo.


Drs. Romolo Pusceddu – Senior Business Development Consultant
Diana Namasani – Country Manager (Malawi)
Lydia Namuswa – Country Manager (Uganda)
Perminus Ngugi Kiira – Country Manager (Uganda)

System Developer

John Kaita

At Kata Kata:

We use our humorous but educational content to sensitize social problems and harmful practices that hinder development in the society; by so doing, we create attitudinal changes amongst the target groups.

Our Columnists

Liam Katabira

  • Liam Katabira is 7 years old. He was born on December 4, 2011, in Kampala, Uganda. He started school when he was 3 years old and he is presently a Primary Two Orange student at Sir Apollo Kaggwa Nakasero. At 5 years, he recently won the Bumble Bee Championship for Kindergartens and Nursery Schools, organized by Lotte Kindergarten and Pepea Africa initiative in early 2017. The competition was centred on the spelling of some unique words. He walked away with a tab for kids with stories and games. The victory has become a huge inspiration for him. Since winning the award, he has never looked back in his desire to become a creative writer. According to Liam’s mother, he has a unique skill for creative writing and he imagines a lot when writing.
    Some of the thoughts are abstract ideas, but well contextualized. While Katabira Liam is unquestionably gifted, with so many written stories to his credit, his talent no doubts, reminds one of the importance of harnessing the creativity in children and encouraging other kids to develop their creative writing potentials.
    Apart from writing, Liam likes reading.
    He hopes one day his stories will be published.

Samuel Ouma

  • Samuel is a 25 year old graduate of Communication and Media studies from Kenya.

    Areas of interest: Research, news writing, news reporting, editing.

    Hobbies: Travelling, singing, reading novels, playing football.

Tumwine Edward

  • Tumwine Edward is a multi-media journalist and digital media trainer in communications. He is a keen follower of music around the world. His area of interest is music.

Arthur Adil. N

  • Arthur Adil is an online enthusiast and a writer, who studied Mass Communication and Marketing at Uganda Christian University. Once upon a time, he was a marketing intern at VCL studios. After University, he worked for online sales at iNotice Media Ltd before he joined Kata Kata Cartoon magazine. At Kata Kata cartoon magazine, he focuses on advertising and marketing.

Linet Wanjiku

  • Linet Wanjiku is a tourism professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management. She is based in Kenya and enjoys travelling, socializing, reading novels and cooking. Her areas of interest are in entertainment, culture, fashion, music and food. She loves creative writing

    Favourite quote:
    “The are two important days,the day a man is born and the day he discovers why“
    -Mark Twain